Blogging: Short Room Tour

I really wanted to post something before Christmas, and since I’ve been reorganizing my rooms lately, I thought why not make a short ‘room tour’ post. I also know that I promised to some people on Twitter that I would make a real/big room tour post a while ago. I will really do it properly one day, it’s just a lot of work and I’m never too happy with how my rooms look, that’s why it’s taking so much time. I’m also in the process of getting rid of many things lately and just reorganizing my book/games/DVD shelves. That’s why this won’t be a huge room tour, just wanted to share some random things I like here!

DSC_0440_Fotor Starting with some things in my so-called ‘TV room’. Most of my PS3, Xbox, Wii and Wii U games are in the big drawer under the stand. I keep the other ones around the room and my handheld games are in drawers in my bedroom. I really wish I could organize everything a bit differently sometimes, but unfortunately it’s hard to put a bigger shelf in this room.


Was playing Batman Arkham City when I decided to take these pictures. Also, some shows and movies that I am watching or want to watch.


Games I’m currently playing are usually displayed here.


Here is another part of my games (mainly collector editions or steelbooks) and blu-ray collection.

I seriously love Christmas and thanks to my mother, we have plenty of decorations all around the house. Also since we remodeled our house we have more space to put more decorations, we used the best contractors we found in Here are some of my favorite ornaments and my small Christmas tree. I had more small ornaments for the tree but we can’t find them anymore…


I always like to keep some books or my handhelds on the couch, in case I get bored with the show I’m watching or just feel like reading.


Moving on to my office which is the place where I spend most of my time, and it’s also where I keep most of my figures. Here is a quick look at a part of my desk. Usually I watch videos on the Macbook and work on things on the other one. I got a new desk in August and made a small post about that here.


I love admiring these three figures on my desk, but I really want to get a proper display case for them!


My printer has basically mutated in a figure display case.



Two of my favorite shelves, where I keep books, Nendoroids on one side and Funko Pop figures on the other. Also, can you tell that I really like Edward Kenway? I have a poster, calendar and two figures of him in my desk area :3


Finally, my bedroom, where I spend the least time (well, it depends on how many hours of sleep I get). There is A LOT of stuff in there which I really need to organize a bit better. Here for example is my crazy ‘wall shelf’, which took years of collecting to complete.


This is definitely my favorite part of the shelf, since it has all of my anime, game and TV show/movie artbooks.


Here another small shelf I got recently, where I keep more random things.


Finally, I saw the last Hobbit movie the other day and since I really liked it, I wanted to read through some of these wonderful books again!

There is still a lot more to show but some parts are a bit messier, like the corner in my bedroom where I keep some more DVDs and figure boxes.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. I put a lot of effort and time in keeping everything clean and (usually) tidy and it’s really important to me to have a nice and cozy place where I can just retreat and relax!


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