Blogging: New Desk Area

Getting a new desk was on my wish list for so many months, even years. I kept telling myself that my old one was still big and good enough though, even if it wasn’t the case. One on hand, I really wanted a new one, on the other, I didn’t want to get rid of my old one I had for almost 15 years. The big change finally happened last week and I’m actually pretty happy I finally took that decision!

Desk Area Collage-01

Before I show some more photos of the new desk area, I wanted to share one of my old desk or desk area.

Desk Area Old-01

The desk was still in pretty good condition, but in my opinion, with my two monitors, macbook, figures and a bunch of other things, it wasn’t good enough anymore. Especially if I have to work for university and I have papers and things all over the place. Overall, the entire desk area was a bit ‘messy’ and not as organized as I wanted it to be as well. On top of that, I never had much space for my legs and after 15 years, I think it was time for a change.

Desk Area-01

Here is my new one. I actually had another desk in mind, but Ikea decided to replace that specific brand I wanted with a new one, which I didn’t like… After measuring, thinking and running around in the store for almost 3 hours, we finally decided to get this one. Site is in French and we had to buy all the pieces separately for mine, but you get the idea. I was a little scared since things tend to look better on paper but once everything was put together, I couldn’t believe it and I’m extremely happy with the result!

Desk Area-02

Desk Area-03

Desk Area-04

The fact that I really like how it turned out also makes it easier to forget about my old desk. It was painful removing everything and putting it into pieces, it made me really sad even if it was just a desk.

As for the new one, I’m not sure if I will leave my PC monitor there or move it next to my iMac. Decided to put it there because I’m not using it right now, since I still need to update and free up more space on it in order to play games. So things might still change a bit later on. My newest and favorite figures also made their way on the desk, since I just love looking at them!



  1. Love your setup! I’m currently looking for a new desk with intentions of adding a 2nd monitor in the near future. You’ve given me a lot more ideas of what to look for.

  2. Thank you! I’m really glad this could help and give you more ideas 🙂 It has been a few months, but I’m still really satisfied with my setup and it’s definitely perfect for two or even more monitors!

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