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Today, I decided to make a different type of article. Since this blog isn’t only about video games, tv shows or other entertaining things, but also about my personal life, I wanted to shortly tell you what I am up to at the moment.

As you might know, I am an university student and I study French literature here in my home country Luxembourg. I’m actually studying this subject because I always wanted to become a journalist, so studying a certain language I like might lead me to this goal. If I will still end up as a journalist or not is not sure. My main concern is that I want to write about games or other things I’m really interested in but the problem is that a) this will be extremely hard here in this country because we actually don’t really have what you call ‘gaming magazines’ and b) I would have to go aboard where the written press isn’t at its best either. So I’m not quite sure yet. But I guess I will see that later on.

As for my situation at the moment, well I am in my third year of university, that means we had to leave to do a so called Erasmus term. Most of the students from my class have to leave in different countries and take classes at another university. In my case, I decided to go to France. The university I am in is situated in Metz, which is one  hour away from Luxembourg. Honestly, I didn’t want to do this at all, so I picked the closest I could get. Being so nearby might sound stupid for some people, but for me it’s still a good way to stay in touch with my family and friends and come home during the weekends. On top of that, I really love the city here since we visit it from time to time to do some shopping. :green:

Between taking classes, go grocery shopping and study, I also try to be online regularly and keep myself informed even if this was nearly impossible the last few days since I didn’t have access to the internet. So after getting this done, running around to find someone who could change my fridge which wasn’t working and trying to finally put together a schedule with my other Erasmus friends, everything was a bit chaotic at first but I guess that it will be regularized during the next weeks. Normally, I have each Fridays off making it possible for me to already leave on Thursday evenings after classes which is great! So since I don’t have access to consoles (except for the portable ones) during the week, I will have an extra day to catch up on games. 😛

As you can see on the pictures, my room isn’t very big but I have pretty much everything I need in here, even a toilet and a shower. So I can’t complain. I’m not quite sure about the people here but they seem to make a lot of noise which personally irritates me a lot. But I guess you can’t teach people some manners, do you?  :rolleyes:
The uni itself is alright, a normal school I would say so not much to add here. I am already quite at ease and if I should study aboard again, I would definitely come back here. As for my classes, not all of them are very interesting and passionate me, that’s also a reason why I realize that studying French literature might not be the ideal thing for me. But at least I could pick another language and since I already know German and English, I am studying Japanese now. :green: Had my first class today and I am really enjoying this.

Well, what can I say as a conclusion? I’m not sure actually. I suppose that I will get used to it with time and it’s actually only for a few months but still. Not to forget that I also have to study too and I already have 5 big books right next to me which need to be read. :rolleyes: Why can’t I get marks on mangas or comic books?
Well, I guess that’s it for the moment. I hope this wasn’t too boring and that some people had fun reading about my life even if I’m not quite sure myself what will happen in the near future. I also wanted to thank everyone who always reads my blog regularly and took the time to read this too. It really means a lot to me.  🙂



  1. Nice posting ma’am and also very interesting to read even though … ;P
    im letting you guess 😉

    Keep up the good work 😉

  2. @ TheUnknown: thank you sir 😉 glad to see that you took the time to comment here even if you already know the whole story.

  3. I find it weird, that in uni.lu, the exchange semester is obligatory. In Austria, where I studied, it was optional. Do you know, why uni.lu makes it mandatory?

  4. Oh – another tip: Try to enjoy your exchange semester! I hated my first one too and now I regret now that I didn’t do more out of the situation.

  5. Apparently it’s optional in many unis so I really don’t understand why we are forced to do the exchange semester in Luxembourg :/ Because it’s not quite great to force people to do something they don’t really want to.

    But still thanks! Sorry to read that your first exchange semester wasn’t great either but it’s always later on that we regret enjoying something like this…

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