[Blogging] Monthly Obsessions: May

I can’t believe it! It’s the beginning of the month and I’m already posting this. Normally it ends up taking longer for me to write these, glad it didn’t this time around.:green:

May has been another really calm month regarding my ‘obsessions’. Haven’t really discovered anything new or finished too many things I started, which makes me a bit mad at myself. But summer is starting soon, which will hopefully put me more in the mood to do many things.

Games Minecraft

Video Games: The funny thing is that the games I have been playing, have been out for a good while. Haven’t even been in the mood to start or finish any other games released the last few months.

Minecraft for example, is a game I really have to be in the mood to play, but whenever I start it, I just can’t stop. It’s terrible. ‘Oh wait, let me collect some more wood for my house. Let me explore this part of the map. Let me just build this real quick and I’ll stop playing.’ This pretty much sums it up. But no matter if I play the survival or creative mode, I always have so much fun and so many ideas of things I could build. It’s also a game that relaxes me a lot, except of course, if a Creeper decides to blow up my house, then I might get angry.

Games Deadly Premonition

What would I do without Francis York Morgan? I started playing Deadly Premonition on Xbox 360 a while ago, never really finished it though. When the Director’s Cut was announced and pretty much everyone around me was talking about it, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and buy the PS3 version as well. I’ve been playing it for good 7 hours now and I enjoy it so much more. Sometimes I wonder why, there is so much wrong with the game, but you can only love the crazy story and characters.

Movies Iron Man 3

Movies: Was really happy to be finally able to watch Iron Man 3. The movie was entertaining and I enjoyed most parts of it, except for a few little things. I won’t spoiler anything, but I guess many people had the same problem with the movie anyway.

TV Shows/Anime: Not really making a ‘collage’ for these since they are the same as the months before. Nearly every show I was watching has ended now, except for Revolution. I have found myself being much more interested in the show than I was before. It didn’t have the best possible start, but the rest of the season got really interesting and I was much more involved in the story and characters. If you were wondering if you should watch this show or not, it got really good and will also get a second season, so it might be worth your time.

Misc Minecraft Creeper

Miscellaneous: Since I am a reasonable adult (or not) and I wanted to get myself a little birthday present, I bought this Minecraft Creeper plush. He looks very simple, but huge compared to other plush toys and surprisingly very fluffy. He hasn’t blown anything up yet, so I’m happy.:P

Anything else? My birthday was this month, it wasn’t the best one to be honest, but I’m really thankful for the lovely messages and presents I got from my friends and family that day. It really made me feel special.

iPad Mini

Then, there was this I got later this month from my family: a 64 GB iPad mini. I was planning on getting one soon, since I will travel a lot the next few months, but also for university later on. Yes, I have the iPad as well, but it’s just too big to take everywhere and I don’t have much space on it. 🙁 Took me a good while to put some of my apps on it, still want to add so much more and it’s really nice to know that I finally have space and don’t have to worry about that. I got a 15€ app store gift card as well, which I decided to use for the Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD. This will definitely keep me busy for a good while.

The last thing I wanted to mention, is the fact that I got the keys to my apartment in France. 🙂 It’s kind of the first step into something totally new. I’m scared but also excited at the same time. The enrollment at university starts this month, so I just hope that everything will go right then.



  1. I freaking love minecraft so much!!!
    I preordered the Minecraft creeper plush last June and it finally shipped in November just in time for my birthday.
    YAY for having an ipad mini. I have one, but only a 16GB 😀

  2. Congrats on getting it for your birthday! 😀 I was waiting so long to find it somewhere here and I am glad that I bought it!

    Yay!! I wanted a 32 GB iPad mini first, but they didn’t have any left. Glad I took the 64 now, since I’m putting so much stuff on it! 😀 So useful for long trips!!

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