[Blogging] Monthly Obsessions: June

Half of July is already over and I’m only publishing my June article now. Sorry for being a tiny bit late. 😛

As far as I remember there were three big things, that might not have been obsessions, but are worth mentioning for June.

Games The Last of Us

First of all, The Last of Us. How could it even be any different? I was so excited to get the Joel edition a few days earlier, but unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to play the game (I will mention the reason why below). But as soon as I had the time, I was playing it for hours. I enjoyed every minute of this game (ok, maybe not some annoying and really difficult parts :P) and I am already on my second playthrough now, trying to get all of the collectibles and still having a lot of fun.

Events E3

Then of course, E3. The biggest gaming event of the year and I was watching most of it. I will not go into details, but I have to say that I was so impressed with Sony’s conference. Not only the PS4, but also most of the games they announced. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried tears of happiness when they announced Kingdom Hearts 3. After so many years of waiting… finally. Final Fantasy XV looks amazing, same can be said about inFAMOUS: Second Son which I am really excited for. Metal Gear Solid V impressed me a lot, and I am working on finally getting into this amazing series since I bought the Legacy Collection a week ago. :green:
Watching the Super Smash Bros. trailer also made me really happy and excited for this game. I think that it’s going to be so hard to make a choice between all of the games coming out in the future since so many look really promising.


The very last thing I wanted to mention, were my holidays in Tenerife. I left there with my parents for a week (a few days after getting The Last of Us, reason why I couldn’t play it) and since I have never been on that island before, I was so excited to see what it would look like. I was really impressed by how beautiful some places there were and also liked the fact that it wasn’t too hot when we arrived since I can’t stand the heat. We visited the Loro Parque, a popular animal park and Mount Teide, which is a huge volcano and very impressive to see. When we were not visiting the island, we stayed at our very nice hotel and were lazy. That’s pretty much it. 😛


Since I don’t want to go into many boring details, I just prefer leaving a few pictures I took of the hotel, some animals and the island in the gallery below. 🙂



  1. I’m going for the plat in The Last of Us! Have you played multiplayer? I’m not much of a multiplayer guy but I really like this one. It’s worth giving it a try.

    As for E3, I’m really excited about the PS4 (and not just because I’m a a fanboy), it really looks better, at least until now. Love that they push indies forward too (: But in the end, it’s the best for all gamers if every console is great and give us different experiences.

    Your photos look awesome! Glad you had a good, lazy time. Jealous (:

  2. I haven’t to be honest. I usually don’t play multiplayer either. But I might give this one a try. The trophies aren’t that hard, except for the difficulty ones of course xD

    Yes, indeed!! I used to play most of my games on the 360, but Sony really impressed me this time and having more indie games is always good 😀 But I’m not really against the Xbox One either. As you said, they will all give us different experiences.

    Haha thank you!!

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