[Blogging] Monthly Obsessions July

I am late again this month with my obsessions article. Was really busy the last few weeks with apartment things I had to take care of in France and even if it wasn’t every single day, I was just not in the mood to write. 🙁 But the situation is calmer now and I have more time to focus on the things I like doing the most! Anyway, time for my July obsessions.

Pacific Rim-01

Unfortunately, 2013 hasn’t been a movie year for me at all. I only saw Life of Pi and Iron Man 3 in cinemas, as far as I remember and missed so many movies I really wanted to see. Pacific Rim was one of the movies I was just way too excited for after watching the trailers. I went there and expected to see a nice action movie with giant robots but for me, it was just more than that and I am totally obsessed with it right now. Saw it three times and I just wish the blu-ray could be released faster, so I can watch it a few more times at home. :green:


There have been so many interesting anime I started watching this summer: Free!, Danganronpa, Watamote and Gin no Saji. Not in the picture, but still worth my time were Blood Lad and of course Shingeki no Kyojin. I think my favorite one is Watamote, it can get really crazy but I am always extremely excited for a new episode!! Surprisingly, I am nearly up-to-date with all of them, rare thing for me to be totally honest. :green:


You will maybe be surprised (or not), but in July I was mostly playing The Last of Us again. It took me a little longer to finish it and get all of the collectibles, but I managed to do it and now I’m only missing the multiplayer and difficulty trophies. Which I will keep for another time. Other than that, I started a few games like Remember Me or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, but didn’t finish any of these. 🙁 I’m not sure why, I haven’t been in a gaming mood at all during the last month. I also wanted to go back to some older games and get achievements I was missing or finish them, but all in all, motivation to play many games hasn’t been on my side this summer.


I usually don’t talk about music here, but when I do, it’s certainly about movie, anime or video game soundtracks. No big surprise, but lately, the Pacific Rim and Shingeki no Kyojin OSTs have been on repeat constantly. I can’t think of anything I’ve been listening except for these soundtracks. Some of these songs are so powerful and great and they totally motivate me every single day.

I’m leaving for gamescom in a day and I just hope that I will be able to post more once I’m back. Only writing the monthly obsessions articles lately makes me kind of sad, but with gamescom and all the games coming out in the next few weeks, I’ll definitely have enough to talk about!!


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