Blogging: Monthly Obsessions February

Wow, it has been months since I’ve published a ‘monthly obsessions‘ post and I really missed writing them (also, a certain somebody told me that I should write them again ;)). That’s why I thought it would be fun to bring this series of posts back but in an updated formula! I usually really had fun doing these, but sometimes it was hard for me to think of my favorite things each month, because they don’t always change. Sometimes I’m just watching the same show, playing the same or reading the same book during one or two months. Anyway, let’s move on to the things I was obsessed with in February!

First of all, games. I have been juggling between many games lately, but I still managed to finish at least a few.


Going to start this post with probably the best thing from last month: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It feels like all these years of waiting and praying for a MM remake have finally paid off. The game is gorgeous and still as great as before! I’m also glad I could get my hands on the special edition, since the pin, steelbook and poster are so nice!


Even if The Order: 1886 caused many controversies online, which I can totally understand, I still had a great time with the game and was blown away by the graphics. I can totally see myself replaying the game, even if there is no replay value, that’s just how much I enjoyed playing it! Of course, I still think that the tendency of charging full price for short games like this one should stop. That’s why it’s also hard to recommend The Order right now, and people are definitely better off waiting a few months until it’s cheaper.


Two more games I have been enjoying lately: Saints Row: Re-Elected and Grand Theft Auto V. I have already played both games on PS3 (well, except for Gat out of Hell), but since I really love both, I had to jump on the bandwagon and buy them again. Finished SRIV again last month and I’m about to finish my replay of GTA V, which simply looks gorgeous on Xbox One.

Moving on to books, I’m mainly reading on my train journey and since it lasts more than an hour almost every day, I am reading a lot more lately.


The novel I’ve been obsessed with is Legend by Marie Lu. This dystopian novel tells the story of June and Day, whose worlds could not be more different but their path converge and lead them to uncover what has brought them together and what kind of secrets their country is hiding. What I especially love about this book is discovering the story through both main characters’ points of view. I’m definitely glad that I picked it up and since it’s a trilogy, I still have two more books to read!


Many people keep recommending the graphic novel Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples and I can definitely understand why now. To explain the story in one short sentence: Marko and Alana will have to do everything possible to protect their child, born in the middle of a galactic war. After only a few chapters, I really liked the diverse characters, was hooked on the story and had fallen in love with the art style.


I watch most of the comic book shows that are currently airing (did a post about my favorite comic book shows here), but I have been obsessed with Constantine for months now, even if the first season is already over. Thanks to the lovely folks on Twitter, we are having rewatch parties on Fridays, when the show usually aired. The fate of the show is still up in the air, but fans are trying to do everything to support it right now!

Also, excuse this random picture I took from The Wolf Among Us Comic, but I unfortunately have no posters or DVDs or anything else Constantine related… Well, except for the comics.

Finally, this last part is a bit more random, but it’s about something I was really excited to get last month!


Yes, getting a display case has been on my wishlist for months and my wish was finally fulfilled last month! Not only does it look great, but now I finally have lots of space on my usually crowded desk again, since my figures found a new home there. Also added the lighting later on, which looks great at night, but the cable on the left still needs to disappear though.

I hope you enjoyed this newer version of my monthly obsession series! Hopefully I will be able to continue these articles this year, and share my favorite things each month with my readers!


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