[Blogging] Monthly Obsessions: April

No idea where the time went but I still can’t believe that April is already over. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much time to play, watch or read many things. No matter what, I am still sharing the few things I was obsessed with this month.


Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Karneval
I only read and am still reading the same book now, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I found this book in a store in Germany, and decided to buy it and so far, I enjoy it a lot. I really like epistolary novels and this one seems to be quite popular at the moment. I will probably watch the movie once I am done with the book, for once that I have time to finish the book before I watch the movie. 😛
As for Karneval, I obviously started reading the manga since I am also watching the anime. What I love the most about it is the wonderful art style.


Anime: Devil Survivor 2 The Animation, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Karneval, Attack on Titan
I think I can call April my ‘anime’ month, it’s pretty much the one thing that I have been watching when I had time. I started watching some during the last season but didn’t finish many, so my main goal this time was to keep up with the ones I was interested in the most, and so far, it worked!


Video Games: Bioshock Infinite, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Lego City Undercover
In April, I finished Bioshock Infinite, Lego City and Injustice which I all enjoyed a lot. Bioshock Infinite will definitely be one of the best games this year, no doubt. As for Injustice, I finished story mode and will try to play more with my favorite characters from time to time. I can also only recommend Lego City if you own a Wii U since it’s a really fun game, even if my GamePad battery died every three hours which was a bit annoying while playing sometimes… I didn’t have time to finish Sly Cooper though, but will try to do that as soon as possible.


There is one game I should also mention here, which I have been playing a lot on my phone: Mittens. A really cute Disney physics-based puzzle game about cats which I ended up playing for a while. I can highly recommend this game, which is just as much fun as Cut the Rope or Where’s my Water? and can be purchased at a low price. :green:


Not really a video game, but I still wanted to share a few thoughts on this protection I decided to finally buy for my Wii U GamePad. Since I was playing many hours of Lego City and was constantly annoyed by how dirty the GamePad looked after a few times (and I usually really pay attention), I bought this silicon jacket for it and am so satisfied with the quality of the product. It nearly feels soft when holding it, you don’t need to remove it to reload the controller for example and now, my controller is always protected from any annoying fingerprints. 😛

TV Shows: Once Upon a Time, The Following, Revolution
Just as last month, I haven’t watched any new TV Shows, only Once Upon a Time, The Following and Revolution. Once Upon a Time has really disappointed me this season, especially after episode 18, which was just… bad. I won’t spoil anything or go into details of course, but it makes me sad that a show that I used to love so much is constantly disappointing me now.
Revolution on the other hand, has never been perfect, but I started to like most of the characters more and more and the story is interesting enough to keep me entertained. I am so happy that it officially got renewed for a second season since I nearly lost hope after the terribly long break. If you can accept the few flaws in Revolution and the plot seems interesting enough for you, I can definitely recommend this show.

Music: Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll
My 14-year-old self was screaming inside of me when I read about Fall Out Boy releasing a new album. Had to get it the very first day and I can’t stop listening to all of the songs. I think it’s one of the only things I have been listening to on repeat this month. I love The Phoenix, Alone Together and Death Valley the most.


Miscellaneous: Finally, a little random picture of some adorable Lego keychains or figures I bought in a Lego store in Germany. Loki, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins but also, the perfect Chase McCain from Lego City Undercover. April was not only my anime but also Lego month I guess. 😛

Any last words? I was really busy searching for an apartment in France, as I already mentioned in my previous monthly obsessions post. 😀 And guess what: I found one!! It’s small, but really beautiful and close to university. Not totally sure yet, but I might write an article about it, once I moved in there in a few months!!
Another thing people might have noticed, but I have been working on the blog’s theme for a while. I switched a few times and this one is definitely not entirely done yet. It might sound weird, but I want to find something that really fits to me now. I keep making changes in my life lately and ‘growing up’ and I want my blog to feel the same way. So excuse me for the constant changes, but I’m really trying to find the best possible one in the near future. 🙂


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