[Blogging] Latest Obsessions (1)

I already wanted to write an article like this a while ago now. I’ve been playing, watching and reading a lot of different things lately and wanted to share my thoughts on some of these here.


Video Games

Right now? At the moment, I am playing Ni no Kuni on PS3 and Catherine on Xbox 360. I already finished Catherine once on the PS3 but I got the US version of the game since it was released earlier than the European one. :rolleyes: When I was searching for some cheap games in a store the other day, I discovered the Xbox version of the game for 20€ so I decided to buy it and play it again on the 360. I think I got a bit better at the nightmare stages, these can be fun but also extremely annoying. I just love the general style of the game, even if the good or bad decisions are not always very deep, the different endings do make you want to play more once you have finished it once.
After presenting my Ni no Kuni Wizard’s Edition, I can only say that I love this game and am enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately, I try to play the game when I know that I have a bit more time during the day, especially during the weekend, so I’m only making small progress through the game.

What else? Before I actually started playing these two games, I was finishing Far Cry 3 and doing some achievement hunting in the game. Only missing one achievement in the single player and a few coop achievements and I will have reached 1000G in Far Cry 3.
Another game I beat pretty fast but enjoyed just as much, DmC: Devil May Cry. I had a lot of fun with this game, I have to say that I like new Dante and overall the gameplay, level design, art style and music in the game.
The last Xbox game I’ve been playing for hours is The Cave. Wasn’t sure if I should have bought it at first, ended up doing so anyway (as usual) and played it three times. I liked most of the characters and their respective stories, but I was a bit disappointed in the gameplay since it’s just running from A to B and jumping or climbing while solving a few simple puzzles… The Cave is far from a bad game, but some things could have been made differently indeed. Especially if you have to repeat the same level over and over again if you play the game a few times in a row.

Gaming plans for the next few weeks? Well, at first I wanted to finish Bully and The Walking Dead I started again on Steam a long while ago but had no time or motivation to finish. I have already played these games on other consoles and they are some of my favorites, that’s why I don’t mind replaying them on PC this time around.
I also picked up Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance yesterday, after long hesitation and will probably start playing it this weekend.
Next month will be crazy, new Tomb Raider and Naruto games are already on my list for the beginning of the month. BioShock Infinite will also be a must play that month.
So there will be definitely enough games to keep me busy during the next few weeks. :green:


TV Shows

While most TV shows were on break, I wanted to start watching something else but didn’t in the end since I was more focused on playing games. Now, The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time are back, so these are the ones I will watch again every week. Another show which also kept my attention was The Following. I keep reading how good it is so I might give it a try very soon.



My biggest discovery though is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I know, it’s not the newest anime, but I never found the motivation to start it since it has a total of 64 episodes and the manga has 28 volumes. I found the complete series in one boxset a while ago and decided to jump in… I have to admit, I am in love with it. I’ve watched more or less 30 episodes and I can’t get enough of it. I never thought I would care so much about this story and all these different characters. I might as well start reading the manga now, even if Brotherhood is very close to it, unlike the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime.



Even if I recently got a Kindle, I was a bit lazy and didn’t read many books. However, I finished reading Eureka Seven and started Spice & Wolf.
Eureka Seven is a series that has always interested me, just like Fullmetal Alchemist. I know they made an anime which is probably way better than the manga. I finished the six volumes fast and felt that something was indeed missing and everything seemed a bit rushed. The artwork is extremely nice to look at and I really wish the series would have been longer in that case. But now we have Deadman Wonderland from the same people so I won’t complain too much. 😛
I’ve heard a lot of things about Spice & Wolf and was definitely interested in reading it one day. I’m not used to read Seinen mangas but I immediately liked the setting and the two main characters. The story seems pretty simple right now, so I am excited to know where it will lead me.

That’s all about my recent obsessions for now. :green: This article got longer than I wanted to, maybe I should try to keep it a bit shorter and more clear next time.



  1. I really really want to play The Cave. It’s on Steam, but I don’t have the internet to download it!!!! 🙁

  2. The Cave is a short but really fun game. Hope you can download it soon, or maybe even get it cheaper. 😀

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