Blogging: A wild update appeared!

Oh hello. Still anyone here? It makes me really sad to see that I haven’t updated my blog since September. It seems that whenever university starts again, my motivation and time to publish something just decreases. But I seriously miss blogging and I have a few new ideas to get started again! I think I’ve said that so many times already, but I want my blog to be more personal and maybe tell more things about my life. I still love doing unboxings and haul posts for instance, but I want vary the content a bit more.


So what have I been up to? Well, apart from worrying about getting my presentations and other assignments done in time and going to classes, I managed to play, read and watch a bunch of things in the last few months. Since I take the train a lot, I can use the time there to read or play handheld games, so lately I’ve been trying to finish a few books that have been on my ‘to read or finish reading’ list for a while (currently finishing the first Harry Potter book in English, restarted Black Butler and playing Tales of Hearts R). At home, I am currently playing Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Far Cry 4, but also have Batman: Arkham City to finish which I started before getting the games just mentioned. I am also hooked on all the DC Comics shows this season (I like Gotham the most, followed by Constantine, Arrow and The Flash).

Even if my uni schedule isn’t perfect and a few things annoy me there from time to time, I have to say that I still really like what I’m studying now and that I will hopefully be able to pass my exams in January/May. We had to take photos and film for two different classes/assignments and even if it was annoying to get to the different places, it was definitely a very nice experience and change of pace.

I’ll stop rambling about my boring life now. Just wanted to make this post to show that I’m still alive and well, and that new posts are definitely coming (still probably today!) and hopefully I won’t take three months to write some more!


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