Hello there ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Glad you found your way on to my blog! My name is Fabienne (or Fabi), I’m 27 and currently live in Luxembourg.


Just like the name says it, the main topics of this blog will be related to geek culture, be it video games, TV shows, movies, anime and manga, comic books or even novels. I also started collecting figures two years ago, so this is something else I really want to share here.

What kind of posts will you find here? Unboxings, hauls but also posts about events and places I visited since I love travelling! So as you can see, I am passionate about way too many things and I like to ramble a lot!

This blog is currently (08/2016) being revamped since it really needs a new face. But a lot has already changed here over the last few years and I always try to improve it by writing about new topics but also by trying to take better photos each time. This blog has by far reached its full potential and I still plan on expanding old and adding new categories in the future.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay!