[News] Video Games: Naruto Shippuden: UNS3

I can still remember the time I bought my very first Naruto manga and ever since then, it has become one of my favorite series. There have been ups and downs in the story, but the entire universe and characters kept me interested and I will follow it until the end. 🙂

Another thing I really appreciate about the Naruto franchise: the games, or more precisely, the Ultimate Ninja Storm games. I have played the three of them and clocked in way too many hours in the second one. The graphics, the open world, the fights, the epic boss battles and so much more kept me playing and cherishing the game so much. Generations has been a letdown because it lacked some of the things mentioned above, but the announcement of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 made me excited about the series again.


I immediately downloaded the demo when it was released a few days ago on the Xbox 360. I was pretty much sure it would be amazing and wasn’t disappointed at all. Some new features have been added to the combats and it was nice to be thrown into a huge boss battle immediately at the beginning. Won’t add more details about the story or characters since this might take a little too long, but all I can say is that the shinobi world is at war. 😉

The Ultimate Ninja Storm games are not only the perfect ones for fans of the franchise, but also good for everyone who likes fighting games. I also hope that this game will bring back all the good memories and emotions of the anime and manga series, like it did in UNS2. To conclude this, I’m leaving one of the newest trailers of the game here.


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